Wednesday, September 15, 2010

the goods

well we've gotta be getting close to baby time, tomorrow is 41 weeks and i read that the average wait for first time moms is 41 weeks and 3 days.  so i'm pretty sure i can hang in there at least 4 more days.  maybe i'll finish replanting the planters on our patio?  the luscious garden i created was seriously neglected while kevin was in treatment.  i'm saddened to say, everything bit the dust but the rosemary.  however, kevin was taken good care of.  that's more important.

oh, the other couple from our hypnobabies class had their baby yesterday.  baby dorian is so handsome!  congrats to yadira and anthony!  i bet they are on cloud 9 about now.  we'll have to plan a reunion soon.  did i mention, i was the first one in due in our class?  now both the other couple's babies have arrived...well, life's funny like that.  you can't make too many plans. 

the exciting news of the day(so far)...we got our moby wrap and pump!  our childbirth instructor, kim brought it by this morning.  she is so awesome!  we were looking for a pump that was high quality but that could be used again...this one is completely cleanable, so it can be used for your second (or third) children.  when you are done with it then can be donated back to the company, they sterilize it and pass it on to mother's in need.  we loved that green and caring idea.  yay for hygiea!  also, this one is professional grade, is supported by le lecche league and is as good a medela and comes in a super cute bag...uber important too!
we got the moby wrap in black so kevin can use it too.  i might "need" the pink too.
chocolate brown tote with turquoise accents, bottle cooler too. pretty cool & green.

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