Saturday, September 11, 2010

almost there...

we are so excited to very soon welcome our daughter to the world.  today was spent doing laundry at the laundromat (our washer was broken here at home).  the plus was that we got all three loads done at once.  it ended up being a real time saver.  after spending the rest of the afternoon putting away clothes and organizing a little i had to get out of the house and stop waiting.  so i took my last trip (for the week) to babies-r-us and target to parouse and pick up some nursing pajamas.  kevin got caught up on sports center and is now, of course, watching the first usc homegame of the season!  i'm getting ready to hit the hay.

the highlight of the day, my dear friend becky fiebach's birthday!
i hope your day was lovely becky.

and our friends from our hypnobabies birth class gave birth to their daughter alyssa ellie this afternoon.  congratulations julie and isaac!  we are so happy for you.  julie you were a rockstar; i have so much more confidence after seeing your amazing video.  
welcome sweet baby alyssa!

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Kristen said...

We're ready to celebrate with you any minute fun to read your blog and see how things have taken shape. (No pun intended!) Congratulations to you, Kevin, for completing your last treatment and to USC on their victory yesterday! We love you - Ian, Colin, Aunt Kris and Uncle Mike

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