Sunday, September 5, 2010

shopping success

today i found the steal of the century...a gorgeous silk theory dress for one of the upcoming fall events we have this year.  i bought it a few sizes too big to account for post-baby tailoring.  the best part, originally it cost $325, i got it for $15.  i'm so excited about this find. 

i'm already planning on how to accessorize.  i think it'll look great with my tan suede boots dressed down too.  i am just too excited about wearing a non-maternity outfit in the near future.

thanks mom for the birthday spending money.  i bought a gorgeous deep blueberry leather purse too.  all in all, a shopping success!


Kari said...

Oh man! So cute!!! Only $15?!?!? That is such a deal!!

The Locklins said...

I know really. Gotta love Marshall's!

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