Friday, August 27, 2010

week two

see what i mean about handsome?  look at those eyes.

okay, so here we are at the end of the long 5 day chemo week.  kevin's last 6 hour treatment will be done today!  perhaps even early?  i made the nurses chocolate cupcakes on wednesday, since then he's been out of treatment an hour earlier than usual, coincidence?

well, i am so in love with this man and so relieved that he is almost done.  he deserves to be enjoying these summer days outdoors, recouping and relaxing.

that's exactly what we plan on doing tomorrow...relaxing.  and a special date birthday brunch for yours truly at my favorite spot, claire's!


Krystal said...

Really big hugs to you both!

Becky, Ryan, Oliver, and Amelie said...

I'm so glad that Kevin's almost through his treatments. I really admire you both. I cannot wait for the arrival of baby girl! I'm sure you are both getting so ancy for her to make her appearance. This is such a special time, enjoy it. Call if you need anything.

Sabina said...

I do think bald is sexy, but then again, I'm biased because my hubby is a baldy! I'm so proud of you two for hanging in there. I also can't wait to meet your baby girl. Yay.

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