Thursday, August 26, 2010

more than ready...

...if that is possible.  but, i'm feeling now more than ever really ready for this little girl to arrive.  i'm anxious to not be lugging around such a large belly anymore.  i'd much rather hold her in my arms.  i'm trying to remind myself to be patient after all some pregnancies go 42 weeks.  however, 39 weeks would be amazing!  40 weeks...also great.  beyond that...yikes!  i'm not gonna even think that far ahead.

the last week has been super busy.  kevin's been in treatment and of course he signed up for a class to complete while he finishes up.  leave it to him to find something smart and productive to do while getting chemo.  so he is watching lectures and learning what he needs to know to take the series 7 and get his securities license.  i wish i had an ounce of his gusto for school.  although if it were art class i'd sign up in an instant! 

this week, i've been rushing around doing last minute cleaning, wedding ring cleaning, several trips to target and babies-r-us to get the last of the essentials, car wash, baking treats for kevin's sweet nurses, organizing closets, baby check-ups with the midwife, stocking the fridge and writing a slew of thank you notes.  i had no idea how generous people are when you have a baby!  don't worry we've taken a few naps in there too.

kevin has his last long day of treatment tomorrow.  which means only 2 more after that and he is done!  it feels like it went so quickly, although when i mentioned that at dinner tonight.  he kinda rolled his eyes, i guess to him it has been many long hours sitting there in that darn chemo chair.  his hair was really coming out this week, even after he had cut it super short.  so, this afternoon while i napped he went for it and gave it a good shave.  if you ask me, i think he looks really cute!

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