Tuesday, August 10, 2010

oh, sleepless nights.

everyone is reminding me to "sleep now" because once baby girl arrives, the night's will be filled with marathon baby feeding.  what about if you already can't sleep?  my pregnancy has been about as smooth sailing symptom-wise as i can imagine.  however these last weeks have proved to be more challenging. 

with an every-growing (how is it possible to be this big) belly and baby hormones flowing strong, i am starting to relate with moms who say this home stretch can be rough.  at least once i'm sleepless in the months to come i will be caring for and holding our sweet little daughter.  i'm sure those night will come with challenges as well, but seems so much more rewarding, no?

the braxton hicks are certainly becoming common place around here.  we are 3 classes into our hypnobabies childbirth classes and are meeting with a potential doula tonight.  our birth center, south coast midwifery offers complimentary birth doulas through their intern program.  so we thought we'd learn more about it.  couldn't hurt to have a little extra support for our birth?

saturday morning we enjoyed the company of a few friends who stopped by.  after a nap we visited our dog friend lucy's second birthday party at the morgan's house, they sure know how to grill up a delicious taco bar!  sunday we put together our nursery glider and in the evening, kevin and i enjoyed a nice walk around the neighborhood.  summer evenings are my favorite!

the weekend was a little up and down for kevin nausea-wise but we were both pleasantly surprised that by monday he was feeling really good.  we ran lots of errands during the day.  that afternoon he went for a walk along main street and the pier while i was happily stretching at my yoga class.
check out our cozy glider...
i can't stop rocking, i think it's only a mild addiction so far? 


Karen Locklin said...

Lisa: I love your blog. I have shared it with many friends here in Temecula. I hope you keep doing it forever! You and Kevin will look back on this time of trial and realize that it made you stronger and better. Chloe is the light at the end of the tunnel!!!

The Locklins said...

I'm glad you are enjoying it! We plan on keeping it up. It's fun to write. We are growing and we're getting closer every day because of all that is going on. Little Chloe is gonna bring so much light!

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