Tuesday, August 10, 2010

doula+installed car seat=success

well we had a pretty mellow day, kevin had a single chemotherapy treatment today.  it went smoothly and we were back home in 2 hours.  we have a week off until the next treatment.  the rest of the afternoon was spent paying bills, doing housework and napping.  all so necessary. 

in many ways it was a very exciting day.  one more treatment complete, we scheduled a house cleaner to come friday morning(an uber generous gift from kevin's parents), kevin installed the car seat and we met with our doula this evening.  we LOVED her and are so excited to have her help for our birth.  since we are planning a natural birth we want to access any help we can in making it the most comfortable and peaceful process possible, in comes doula becky.  she is trained in massage, breathing and relaxation techniques that help aide in both mine and kevin's comfort.  i'll give her a call in the morning to say, "we're on!".  we'll meet again soon to talk about all the different options that are available.

i would say the day all in all was a big success.  it's amazing what small things can bring such contentment.

More about DONA trained doulas, like becky.   visit: www.dona.org

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