Tuesday, August 17, 2010

seriously delicious

okay, so not only is our doula amazingly down to earth and friendly but she showed up at our house with a carton of this...

we had never tried this flavor and i'm semi-embarrassed to say we downed the whole thing just hours after she left.  it is seriously delicious!  our meeting went really well, becky is so easy to talk with and i feel already like we've known each other for a long time.  she showed us her bag of tricks...all kinds of comfort items to make the birth as comfortable as possible.  she is an intern at the birth center so we're both new at this but she has two children, is super organized and has a great enthusiasm for what she does!  what more could you ask for? 

kevin and i have nearly completed the nursery.
the last details on the list: hang bookshelves & curtains...bring baby home!

curtains have been surprisingly the most difficult find of all...anyone know where to find good ones?

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