Friday, August 13, 2010

decorating...every room of the house

my favorite, our furniture is all pretty neutral already.

so, why does decorating a nursery make one want to revamp nearly every room of the house?  poor kevin he is so patient with me and my whims, yet our time (and budget) is totally consumed with more important necessities.  

i have been looking for a rug for our living room for quite a while.  at least one that doesn't cost more than our annual income that is.  i stumbled upon this one from dash & albert that is pretty awesome.  it still costs quite a bit but maybe i can find something similar...or it'll go on super sale?

the funny thing is, the chair featured in on their site uses the same fabric that i had already picked out to reupholster a chair we have.  too good to be true?

i think i'll be saving my pennies to make these two happen.  here are a few other annie selke fabrics that made my heart flutter. 

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