Friday, May 17, 2013

Bun still baking...

...and I've been so absent on documenting, at least on my blog here.  I'll give you a recap, because I want to remember these special days.  Days while our baby bloom (a.k.a. baby sister) is growing, kicking, stretching my belly and heart in new ways.

I had a's hard to remember.  15 weeks pregnant.  

Hello, baby girl!

This book was no help...but I think we are getting closer.

Shaken Iced Passion Tea, unsweetened yet so fruity.
Like with my first pregnancy, I can't get enough watermelon.

Afternoons in the grass.

Nesting err, shopping.

In Sedona on our way for a date.


Visits to the OB.

27 weeks here.

As the weeks to my "due date" narrow, I'm finding myself so amazed that soon I will have two daughters and another little one to love up.  I'm not sure why, but my pregnancy seems so surreal this time.  Perhaps, it's because my days are so full that sometimes I catch myself forgetting.  Then at the end of the day I lay in bed and ponder all the changes to come.

12 weeks to go.  Welcome, third trimester.  I've had the nesting urge for quite a while now and I'm sure a lot of it is because I can't actually nest until a few weeks when we are in our new home.  Yep, next week we will be packed up and temporarily in a hotel.  We'll be there about 8 days until Kevin is officially done with his final contribution to the project here at the end of the month.  We ought to be pretty busy these next few weeks.

The discomfort of third trimester has arrived so moving is a welcomed and exciting distraction to keep my mind off of the waiting game.  And before I know it, I can spend my sleepless nights decorating and unpacking the nursery before our little one arrives.  Oh, the nesting, I love the nesting.

A new home, new career, new baby, this ought to be a very exciting summer.
Mother's Day weekend, 2013.


andrea said...

So cute. Can't wait for this little baby to arrive! You have such great style.

libys11 said...

all the best for you and the baby!! you're one blooming mother to be!! :D

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Nicole said...

So cute! You look darling in your prints with your baby bump! Love your striped dresses! Just one more trimester for you... and you have so much to occupy you in the meantime. Good luck on the big move! xoxo

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