Friday, May 17, 2013

A girl and a horse.

This goat was sweet, but kinda creepy in this photo.

Chloe asks daily to ride a horse.  We don't have a horse, but boy does this girl want one.  She is an animal loving girl and horses are at the top of her list.  Back in April we decided to brave the 95 degree weather and go to MacDonald's Ranch for a few hours, simply to indulge her with a pony ride and visit to the petting zoo.  She was so serious about riding, she cried when he ride on "Stormy" was over.  I have a feeling we will be saving up for riding lessons in the future.  Oh and this goat was not a bit shy.  I made sure Kevin was close by, just in case.

And a special thanks to our sweet friend, Isley for handing down the darling pink boots!

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Jessica Edison said...

Such a fun day. Em is the same way with animals. She is so sweet natured that it is so neat to see her with them. And both of mine would stay all day at a petting zoo!!! (and I'm not so fond of them;)

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