Friday, May 17, 2013

A weekend in Sedona.

24 weeks pregnant at L'Auberge.

Your typical tourist photo.  We had to.  It's an extraordinary spot.

It's been a month already, but I'm playing catch-up on my blog here.  So back in April, Kevin and I hadn't been away for a vacation since Chloe was born, two and half years ago.  With another little lady on the way, we knew this would be a great time to relax and recharge.  My sweet Kevin planned the whole weekend and set-up just enough adventures to leave room for travel spontaneity and relaxation.  He even spoiled me with a prenatal massage at the resort.  It was a beautiful, relaxing trip and extra special because of all the thoughtful planning my love did ahead of time.  I was thrilled to just pack my bag.  Such a treat!

We delighted in the opportunity to drink our coffee while it was still hot each morning, enjoy each others conversation uninterrupted, indulge in delicious food and an afternoon nap on a whim.  Sedona is special place and we were so thankful to explore some of it's sights while we are still Arizona residents.

A HUGE thank you to Kevin's parents who flew out to spend the weekend caring for Chloe.  She had a blast and I'm certain they did also.  We are lucky to be surrounded by such thoughtful, helpful, loving grandparents.

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Jessica Edison said...

First off, you look so amazing! And second, what a fun get away! So lucky to get that time together. I know we cherish ours!

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