Thursday, August 2, 2012

Slow moving.

We're back from a beautiful week in northern Idaho.  The view from our room couldn't have been prettier and we had some great company with us.  I've got more photos to download and edit to a viewable amount.  I take so many photos.  I guess it's these little snapshots that remind me how beautiful the moments of these fleeting days are.  When I recall the day in these snapshots my heart feels so grateful.

Kevin and I came back from our travels under the weather.  So since then we've been slow moving this week.  We've been eating simple, low-prep meals, napping, enjoying monsoon rains and playing indoors.  And of course watching the Olympics online (we don't have television...gasp).  We can't get enough of the swimming.  I've always wondered what it felt like to be so dedicated to a goal like being an Olympian.  Or what it would feel like to have that kind of muscle definition, for that matter.  I am totally a crier when they present medals.  What a thrill and honor. 

So mellow and all here's a little glimpse of our week.
Hope you are having a good one.

And a huge thank you, for all the sweet uplifting comments and suggestions on my last post.  I'm looking for ways to recharge and refresh.  Thankfully my wonderful husband is providing me lots of down time lately.  This new chapter of my life takes some navigating.  It's like learning tightrope walking without a manual.  The emotions that come with loss catch me of guard at times.  Your kind words, encouragement are such a blessing.  I'm feelin' the love.   


Nicole said...

Cute pic of Kevin and Chloe! She's getting so big!

Jenna said...

I LOVE the pic of Chloe sleeping on your bed :)

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