Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pattern Play.

My sweet and talented friend Julie made this adorable dress for our little bloom.  The colors and pattern could not be more perfect.  I love every little detail.  The double straps can be crossed in the back and have darling pale green glittery buttons.  So, so sweet.  I hope she never outgrows it (I'm dreaming).  So glad there is some wiggle room.  Thank you so much, Julie.  I'll be saving this one with all her sentimental baby outfits.

She is 23 months old and counting.  How does the second year go by so, so, so much faster than the first?  I have a feeling the next year may move even more swiftly.  Oh, I hope not.

P.S. These poses are all her.  She wanted nothing to do with looking at the camera but of course wanted to play with Godzilla and her dinosaur we no so creatively named Rex.
She asked for the same polish as mama, I indulged her request.

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