Friday, August 3, 2012

A day Seaside. (back in July)

A few years ago when Kevin began gradschool at UCI for his MBA we had no idea the kind of friendships we would make through the whole experience.  This group of classmates became tight knit friends and when we all met for the first time us spouses were instant friends too.  In a few years our group together has celebrated a wedding,  come together during loss and illness, and anticipated in the blessing of five births.  Yep, all five couples in the group have had children.  It has been such a wonderful experience and we can't wait to spend the years growing our families together.

All three of these sweet little babies were born over the last 5 months.  We were so excited to get together for some much anticipated baby snuggle time.  Evan, Violet and Evalynn are so, so snugly and sweet.  It was so fun to share stories of new parenthood together.  The seaside California weather was intoxicating.  We weren't able to see Alpa, Raj and Dev, during this visit but we hope to soon.  We miss you the Jains.


The Edison's... plus two! said...

So cool! Friends like this are the best!!! Chloe is really the cutest!

Jenna said...

We had such a great day :) This post really brought tears to my eyes :) I had NO idea how amazing our life would grow to be when Matt enrolled into the FEMBA program :) We love you guys so much!!! I agree with the Edison's... plus two! Chloe is the cutest!!!

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