Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hello out there.

It looks like a tornado or the Clonado may have blown through our house this week.  But really it's just business as usual.  Packing and repacking suitcases, with lots of laundry in between.  We leave tomorrow for Coeur d' Alene, Idaho.  We've never been but from what I hear it is a breathtaking spot surrounded by dozens of lakes.  Lush land, blue water and perfect summer weather.  I'm feeling giddy!  Now, just gotta get those suitcases packed.  

I have a question for you mom's out there.  Being a mama is always what I've envisioned for my life and I love it.  But how do you pour your heart and energy into these little lives everyday and not feel depleted sometimes?  Energetically, that is.  I looking for ways to rework and simplify to feel more vital.  Is there a trick I'm missing?  Oh, I have so many questions I wish I had asked my mom.  But, I'll save those thoughts for another day.  What do you do to fill your cup so you can continue to give as a mother and wife?  And to yourself. 

Today I had moment of reflection (after stepping on the scale, yuck!) I've realized I've got to make some changes.  Not just for vanity but for health.  Step one, vacation- relax away stress.  Step two- get moving.  Step three-pull out my art supplies.  I can't remember the last time I worked on anything of my own.

One more thing, our little bloom is nearly 22 months.  How did that happen?  Everyone tells you, but you don't believe it until it happens.  She is growing so fast.  She is talking a lot and putting short sentences together.  She is really proficient at her color recognition.  I didn't really realize I was teaching her them.  I just try to describe everything to her.  Hue is important to this artsy mama.  She is showing us how strong-willed she is daily and is full of sweet snuggles.  I can tell this little love is gonna keep us on our toes.    

Life here in the desert can feel lonely, thank you for reading and being apart of our lives, even while we are away.  If you have a moment, let me know, how do you make time for yourself?  What fills you up?

Tired mama or not,  just look at her, she is pure magic.

We hit the skies tomorrow.  Have a beautiful week!


lakato said...

I struggle to make time for myself. As a SAHM our lives revolve around our little ones but I try to remind myself that she will only be little for a short time. "Me time" includes sitting down with a glass of wine after Lexi is in bed and just unwinding. I also cherish any moments that Brent offers to take her off my hands for an hour or two :)

Nicole said...

Have fun in Idaho, Lisa! Sounds like a fab, much needed trip. Kevin's already there, right? Sammy creeps on him with his Android people-watcher. I'm not a mama, so I can't relate too much, but I'm with lakato: Drink your stress away! Maybe it's not so much about catching a buzz, but just being alone in a pretty corner of the house and treating yourself to a fancy glass of anything.

Jenna said...

Oh Lisa :) I feel like everyday is a struggle to get in "me" time and a lot of the time it doesn't happen (especially since our little Violet isn't taking a bottle... I'm on tap 24 hrs). I would say that for me, getting up and moving is a big one right now :) I take V and Odie on long walks every day (2-3 miles) and I try to get in a jog a couple times a week. I can imagine it's harder when they get older though because they have a one track mind... for what THEY want to do!

One of my good friends (whose daughter is a patient of mine) said that her husband gives her a "me" night once a week where she takes an hour and does whatever she wants free of the kiddos... it could mean a walk around the block, coffee with a book, or even a date with a friend :)

I'd start with what you're doing. Make a short list of the things that REALLY recharge your soul and then find a way to make ONE of those happen at least 1x a week. Start small and then expand :)

Becky, Ryan, Oliver, and Amelie said...

Oh love, isn't this the ultimate question. I think it's important to give yourself lots of credit for even the little victories of motherhood. I think that if you want to be a wonderful mom, like you are, you expect a lot from yourself and that's exhausting. I find I have to laugh a lot. I also find that if I need to I go see a movie, call a friend, or read a book somewhere other than home if I need to get out. I am totally an alone time person. I just need it. My doula work gives me a lot of peace because it's something I love and I do it for myself and it also increases my love for others which always makes me a happier, more peaceful mom. I think getting back to your art is perfect. Have time set aside for it and schedule it in so you don't choose Chloe over it. Make time my friend, you need it. I wish we could vege out together at these these times, would be so nice:) Know that you are doing an amazing job, you deserve to give to yourself the things that keep you moving. Love you and call me anytime:)

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