Tuesday, August 23, 2011

We love Giraffes.

Over the weekend we ventured to the zoo to celebrate our friend Penelope's 2nd Birthday.  The carousel, cake and festivities were so much fun.  Isn't it wonderful to watch your children grown up together?

Chloe was a crack up on the carousel.  It was her first ride and she was really excited by all the lights and spinning.  She clapped and clapped, it was pretty darling.  The carousel animals were really unique, I picked out this giraffe and it makes her look so teeny.  A friend gave us a tiny giraffe while we were still at the hospital when Chloe was born, it is her first toy.  I'm always a sucker for sentiment.  Can she please stay small forever?

Isn't the Birthday girl/Photographer so sweet?

Michelle's bundle of joy arrives this December, we can't wait!

In the evening we visited with family at home.  Kevin's Aunt Kris and Cousin Ian were in town from Washington and it was wonderful to introduce them to Chloe for the first time.  Kevin's parents also drove up for the afternoon and we all enjoyed a delicious Mexican dinner on Main Street.  It was a great evening together.  We love having family in town.  I wish I snapped more pictures.
Cousin Ian, Aunt Kris and Us.

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Roxana Lopez Photography said...

Look at that Little Blondie! She is so cute and I love the carousel pictures. You girls are looking good :)

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