Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Special Celebration.


A week ago my Mom completed her radiation treatment.  Yep, my sweet mama, she just can't catch a break.  A new batch of tumors have popped up and the doctors recommended radiation to zap those suckers.  The treatments are quick but cause a range of challenges...nausea, memory loss, swelling, seizures...if only I could wrap her up in a soft, warm bubble and keep all this pain away.  For now, we pray, help her heal, rest and cherish time together.

On treatment completion day, my sister, brother and good friend Cecilia cooked up a delicious feast and one tasty cookie pie to celebrate.  Meanwhile, Chloe entertained the bunch and I gave my mom a foot massage.  It was the perfect end to a rigorous couple weeks.

Our feast.

One glowing Gramsy.

Momsy, we sure love you.  Your kind, loving, brave heart is glows amidst such trials.  You make me so proud to call you Mom.
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