Monday, August 1, 2011


Shark's Cove, North Shore, Oahu.

I've been procrastinating (big time) with editing down our favorite Hawaii pictures.  Like most family events, we took way too way too many pictures to share.  Since this was our first official family vacation, it was a really special event for us.  While our trip may have not been the restful, endless lounging by the pool type of trip, it was such a retreat from the everyday here at home.  And we had Kevin with us everyday.  Such a treat!  The weather was an even 75-85 degrees daily, which means bliss to me.

Our sweet girl may have been teething.  She had a fever on the flight home and frequently waking to cry and nurse throughout the night.  But, still 10 months and no teeth.  Meh!  No complaints here, it's just kinda funny.

Oahu was stunning and such a perfect dose of family time in paradise.  My in-laws are beyond generous for taking us on such a trip.  Kevin worked a bit to earn our keep playing tech support.  Everyone should have their own personal engineer.  I guess I'm just lucky! (wink)
The family at The Kahala.

The rooms where gorgeous.

A special plush dolphin was waiting for Chloe.

We couldn't resist taking a cheesy family photo the first morning. 

Watching the sunrise.  Bedhead and all.

Followed by an amazing decaf latte.

Multitasking, brunch and naptime.

Dolphin show.

Pool time.

Kevin golfed at the Royal Hawaiian.

Matt, Eric, Erik and Kevin.

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Roxana Lopez Photography said...

I love all your pictures and seeing you guys have such a wonderful trip together, and I love the picture of Karen and Chloe together, so sweet.

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