Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New tricks.

We made a special trip to IKEA last weekend to pick up this pretty blue set of wheels for our little Bloom.  Kevin put it all together and she knew exactly where to take it from there.  She ran around like she had been doing this for weeks.  We got tons of laughs as she giggled and cruised around our tiny living room.  Pick yourself up one, EKORRE Toddle Wagon, best toy purchase we've made.  She and Kevin took it to the park last week so I could nap (flu, YUCK!).  More pictures to come!

What a face?

Turning around with a little help from dad.

1 comment:

The Edison's... plus two! said...

ok, my next Ikea run, I'm calling you to tag along! We LOVE that place and go about once a month even when we don't need anything. I could leterally spend all day there. I'll be getting a hold of you very soon:)

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