Monday, April 25, 2011

Mr. Rabbit.

While preparing the Easter decor and treats around our house,  I had the lyrics of Elizabeth Mitchell's Mr. Rabbit bouncing around in my head.  Children's folk music is so lovely especially hers. 
Sunny Day by Elizabeth Mitchell

"Mr. Rabbit, Mr. Rabbit your ears are mighty long
yes, my lord they were made that way,
Mr. Rabbit Mr. Rabbit your coat is mighty gray
yes, my lord it was made that way

every little soul must shine shine shine
every little soul must shine shine shine"

A sweet quirky song about a little rabbit.  The perfect amount of childlike yet not annoying music.  Me and my bloom could listen to this all day.  And isn't the cover artwork adorable?   I'm putting a hint out there for Mother's Day.  wink wink.

Here Chloe is at Fashion Island with Mr. Rabbit himself.  She giggled when she saw him.  We wondered if she thought he looked like a big fluffy stuffed animal.  It was darling.

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