Monday, April 25, 2011

Bouncing back.

I've been working on getting back my pre-pregnancy figure for a couple months now.  Very slowly working on it.  And I'll admit there are days when that seems impossible.  When I try my hardest to get the day rolling, with a healthy breakfast to get me and the babe out the front door and moving.  I've said several weeks in a row I'm gonna be out there walking beachside everyday.  Have I done it?  Nope.  However I am realizing that along with my best intentions, I need to start slowly.  I will give myself props for dropping 40lbs. since baby girl arrived however, I gained 20 more than that while pregnant.  I can't believe it myself.
After looking through my closet at all my favorite clothes that have sat unworn for over a year, (a few items still have tags) and with a tropical vacation to Ohau on the books this summer, I'm feeling more inspired than ever.  I thought mommy and me swim would be enough to get me really motivated, apparently not.

I've come up with every excuse out there for why I'm not really out there giving it my all.  Now I'm really gonna go for it.  I signed up for Weight Watchers on Friday.  I almost didn't say anything because you know those people out there who know you are on a diet and ask, "how many points is that?" as you take a bite of a cookie.  Well, I wanted to avoid that.  Oh well, I guess honesty is the best policy and well, here we go.

Disclaimer:  I'm not perfect.  I will fall but I'll pick myself up and get right back out there trying again.

Any mamas have any tips on how they bounced back post-baby? 


lakato said...

Good luck with those last few pounds, Lisa! Hawaii is a great motivator, and you've still got some time.

As new moms we barely have the energy to stay awake all day, let alone stick to an exercise plan, so my weight loss advice is breastfeeding and watching what you eat. I like to give myself a break for not working out and say that because I breastfeed it's like running 6 miles a day :). Looking forward to dropping the last of my baby weight as well!

The Edison's... plus two! said...

ummmm.... with Em the weight came right off with nursing, it was just that darling "gut" that stuck around for about 11 months. I just stayed bigger after her. By her 1st birthday I finally felt back to myself... just to get pregnant again.

This time we are vacationing like you, in June. Therefore I don't have that kind of time before I have to get into a bathing suit. Phil and I decided the best motivation was to train for something (Lord knows we wouldn't stick to a plan on our own). Conveniently the Rock n roll half marathon is the day before we leave for our trip. 4 days a week we get out there and RUN! It has helped tremendously. Between nursing 24/7 and running it has been much easier this time. If Kevin and you do something together it will be really fun for the both of you.We put both kids in the jogger and just go. We make it a proirity, although most days it is hard to tell myself excersizing should be a priority over other things. Phil has been such a great motivator and I would not get out there most days without him kicking me in the behind:). good luck... either way, I think you look amazing!

and I will be asking you soon about the Moby again... i just can't seem to get it right with Ian the age he is so I have a few questions for you.

The Locklins said...

Thank you for the tips and encouragement. Your words made me tear up. Sometimes knowing you aren't the only one helps. I think all women feel this way to some degree after having a baby. It is a major time of change and often you come last when it comes to care. And your body has changed so much. It is so worth it but also so important to feel good and pretty as a mom too.

My first week at Weight Watchers went so well. Down 2.8 pounds. That is exciting. We've been walking as much as we can too.

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