Monday, April 25, 2011

Earth Day.

Yulia Brodskaya
We are trying our best around here.  Organic produce,  free-range eggs, mostly vegetarian meals, cloth shopping bags, biodegradable diapers but I know I can do better.

What can I do to help our earth?

I'm seriously gonna cut back on waste around here.  I have to say since having a baby, I've gone for convenience more than I'd like to admit.  My biggest offense is plastic water bottles.  I'll give myself credit that I've been breastfeeding on demand which makes a mama really thirsty.  So having water in my hand all day is so important.  But I do have enough time to refill a glass or really put my Klean Kanteen to use.  I'm making an Earth Day pact, to do my very best.

I'm also considering composting.  Is this something I can do when I don't have a yard.  I'm going to research.  In the form of a call to my very green east bay sister.

We celebrated Earth Day very simply around here, with an outdoor French class.  It'll take some practice but I'm beginning to learn some really sweet French songs to lull my little bloom to sleep with.  I'm excited to introduce Chloe to a variety of languages and it's great incentive for me to possibly master one.  This class was so fun.  Somehow everything sounds better in French.  

P.S.  Yulia Brodskya's paper quill art knocks my socks off!  It's on my list of things to try.  My very creative aunt just sent me more details on where to begin.  I'll let you know if anything cool comes of my experiment.


Anonymous said...

I love earth day! We try to do the same. But I have to admit we've fallen off the wagon a little, it's nice to have a reminder to get back on. My mom just bought me a really cool reusable water drink container and I wasn't sure if I'd really use it, but I have! If you get one I think you'll end up using it too. Happy belated earth day!!

Joolz said...

Hi Lisa. I've done vermicomposting before inside the house and outside(worms). It was awesome. They were like my pets, but due to fruit fly issues (my fault for not covering it up well), I no longer have it.

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