Monday, March 28, 2011

What next?

Other than be a Wife and Mother, I've always wanted to be:
a world traveler
an indie folk singer
a  painter
an anthropologie display artist
a dancer
a photographer
a kindergarten teacher
a professional organizer
a jewelry designer
a pastry chef, an anything chef
a wine enthusiast

and I've tried my hand at being:
a baker
a shop girl
an esthetician
an administrative assitant
a wine club manager
a collage artist
a florist

I definitely wanna:
surf, run a (half) marathon and train to be a yoga instructor.
These three are actually already in the works.

I'm constantly curious about learning and crafts.  And if not professionally I'd love to dabble in more creative ventures.  So this year, I turn the big 3-Oh!  And I decided I ought to take a little time for myself and really give a couple more of these a try.

Which one to tackle first?  
My creative juices are flowing, what to do next?

Anything you've always wanted to try?


NicholsSouth said...

This is a totally fun post!! I've always wanted to bake pies for a living. Yum! Or be a soccer coach. :) one of these days I won't have to have such a serious job! One day soon...

The Locklins said...

That is so cool Shauna. Do you bake pies from scratch at home? I've always wanted to. Maybe you'll coach the boys when they are older? How fun would that be?

NicholsSouth said...

Yes! My sister and I used to bake pies from scratch all the time and my grandma always had an apple pie in the fridge...*sigh* I miss those days. I hope I will be able to get my boys into baking. That would be fantastic!

janelle said...

G-R-E-A-T. So glad yu had a fun evening. Much love...

Roxana Lopez Photography said...

So inspiring and fun to read! You have done so much on your "wish" list already! I would totally add world traveler to the completed list too. Did you forget the year of travel :)
Love you and can't wait to see what your going to be up to this year and I can't wait to do the half marathon with you.

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