Thursday, March 31, 2011

Less is More.

The Wheatfield

With the babe nearly crawling, we are simplifying anywhere we can.  She is already rolling her way around the living room and I know soon I'll have little control over the strewn toys around the house.  So I'm trying to create the simplified living room space with all the baby proofed bumpers we need.  I'm trying to get creative and baby-proof in a decorative way.  Is that possible?  I'm gonna give it my all because I am so not a fan of plastic everywhere.  I'll take some pictures to show you what I come up with.  Do you have any ideas? I welcome suggestions.

Less, really is more.
Mission Organization starts tomorrow.  Should I have let Kevin in on his weekend plans before posting?  Probably.  But he's always such a good sport.


Lauren said...

I feel like baby-proofing the plastic way is just a way for those baby companies to make money... totally not needed. Babies learn what they can and cannot touch without having to rearrange the whole house (at least that's the approach we took).

And I love that you make Kevin's weekend plans for him. I seem to be guilty of that sometimes too.

The Locklins said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one planning their husband's weekend for them. Ha! We are still rearranging but going for a simplistic (less plastic) approach. Just hiding the major corners. I love your approach Lauren.

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