Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mother-in-law to the rescue.

On Thursday, after a long week (er, 6 months) of very little sleep, I was completely tuckered out.  I called Kevin's mom Karen to see if she'd be up for visiting soon.  Of course, she was and drove up the very next day.  It was like Mother-in-law to the rescue.  I was totally spoiled by her presence.  She took Chloe for a walk while I napped for a blissful 45 minutes, then happily did 3 loads of laundry and if that wasn't enough, she then treated me to a delicious seafood dinner from one of our favorite restaurants, Fish Camp.  By the next morning I felt like a new woman.  It was just what I needed.  Thank you Grandma Karen, Chloe and I were happy to have you visit.  Aren't moms great?

The next day at Chloe's Well Baby check-up with the pediatrician really explained all the fussiness that had been going on. 
In 4 weeks Little Miss had a major growth spurt.  
Pounds gained: 1   Inches grown: 2  1/4
It's no wonder all her pants have become high waters.  Time to move into the next, baby clothes are a lot to keep up with.  I think I've already reorganized her drawers half a dozen times already.

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