Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sweet Cheeks.

There is something so simple, perfect, refreshing about the honesty of a little ones face.  Their expressions often show the feelings we don't always reveal.  (At least in public.)  I can relate with this last one lately.  I cherish our little blooms inquisitive nature, even if it keeps us running all day.

These photos were taken by our friends sweet cousin Ngan Huynh, during their baby shower last month.  When she emailed them this weekend, I was elated.  How nice of her?  Thank you, Ngan.

Oh and we have trimmed her fringe since these were taken.  A little unruly.  


countrygirl said...

I thought "Ohh look at those cheeks!" The moment I saw these. Too cute :-) I even made Matt walk into the room to look at how cute she is.

Anonymous said...

We all love her! N & M said "ahhh". Pouty face and all! Adorable!
Luv ya,
Lori Slaughter

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