Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Christmas 2011. Part 2.

Dinner at Urban Tavern, a kid friendly yet chic spot.

Chloe making faces at the other diners-my grandma taught her this. 

Chloe's first year, a beautiful album made by Grandma Karen. 

A wooden baby puzzle to match daddy's.

The camera's of Kevin's is even his late grandfather's.

Getting styled out by Uncle Matt.

The night before Christmas.

Christmas morning.

In her Christmas pj's.

My cousin Morgan made her this adorable apron.

In her special dress from Gramsy.

Grandpa, that bow is perfect on you!

Teaching Kevin how to carve the bird.

I'll be honest we catered everything but the Kale from Whole Foods.  Shhh!

Beautiful Grandma.

 Like I said, they are all so amazing.  specially this little sleepy bloom.


Nicole said...

Wow, what a gorgeous Christmas! Despite all the big life changes, you still put on a lovely holiday for your fam. You're an inspiration, Lisa!

The Locklins said...

Nicole, Thank you! It was a joy to host my favorite people for the holiday. You are so kind.

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