Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Mr. is 30! (a month ago already)

Birthday breakfast.

I had to.  He's been razzing me for months.

I'm behind on posting photos but I wanted to remember this special day.  We celebrated with a tasty breakfast at home.  Kevin's very favorite meal.  Since his birthday is just two days after Christmas, his parents were in town; they kindly watched little miss so we could get dressed up and have a date night out.  A steak dinner at The Phoenician was the surprise splurge I had in store for my special guy.  That is the only thing he asked for and you only turn 30 once.  I have a feeling we might ignore the next years on milestone birthdays. (wink)  It was so luxurious to sit, relax and dine.  We soaked in the beautiful view of Camelback Mountain, not too shabby.

Kevin, I have known you since you were seventeen and life with you, just keeps getting better.  I hope your 30th was memorable and happy.  I love you, endlessly.  You are an extraordinary husband and father.  Thank you for all you do for our family.

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