Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The perfect patch.

While Kevin was in town we took a little time to relish the new season.  Although the temperature was in the 80's, (way too hot to feel like fall); we found just the perfect patch to pick out our pumpkins.  I'm adamant that we find farms that are not in concrete parking lots.  This one nestled amongst the wineries was just the rustic type to fit the bill.  

Chloe was enthralled by all the kids riding horses and playing in the hay.  She took a few spills as she ran through the piles of squash with great speed.  I tell you this girl skipped walking completely and went straight to running.  It was great to spend a few hours together, just us three.  Last year, she was still in newborn clothes.  This was certainly one quick year.

Hope your starting to get into the season.  I tell you, I'm so not ready for the holidays.  Though I got Chloe's Halloween costumes months ago and I'm indulging in everything pumpkin flavored; I've been skipping all the store aisles labeled "Holiday".  I have a feeling this year will just be a bit different. 

P.S. Vocabulary is building daily as Chloe points at everything in sight for us to identify it.  She recognizes so many words and signs but is starting to verbalize more daily.  Her recent favorite word is eye.  Generally she is nearly poking out her own or someone else's eye while showing us.  Yikes!  It's so fun to hear her saying a word other than Mama and Dada. 
I can't get over this photo, she looks so grown-up.


The Edison's... plus two! said...

love this:). we love peltzer farms! glad you got to spend time together. Chloe looks adorable as always. i am diving into anything labeled pumpkin.. it's an awful addiction! xo

Nicole said...

I'm totally with you about pumpkin patches! They have to look authentic - no parking-lot imposters! You, Kevin and Chloe look great playing in the pumpkins... and her boots are to die for.

Roxana Lopez Photography said...

Great pictures! Looks like you three had a wonderful time :)

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