Friday, October 15, 2010

sleep less, indeed.

sleepless or sleep less, with a newborn in the house, the nights and days are both described with these words.  last night was truly our roughest yet.  chloe didn't sleep all day, usually she at least takes a few cat naps or has one pretty long nap late morning and another early afternoon.  usually in my arms, as there is no where else she wants to be.  asleep or not, she senses you aren't holding her anymore and she stirs until you pick her back up.  thus, the house looks somewhat tornado-like.  (kevin thinks i exaggerate when i say that, but what can i say i like a neat and clean house.  it's the virgo in me.)

okay, so back to last night, she finally fell asleep around 8pm and somehow i got her smoothly into her swing without her noticing which gave kevin and i a couple hours to look through mail, old bills, fold a few things and take out the trash.  i describe the little piece of organizing time as bliss.  kevin was a little less enthused.  with a few things sorted out we were both ready for bed, i woke chloe and fed her thinking she'd fall back asleep like she does at night.  this was not the case.  she stirred, cried, and tossed as we took turns rocking her, talking to her, swaddling name it.  finally, after kevin realized how frustrated and exhausted i was, knowing that she'd be ready to eat again in a couple hours and it was already 2am, he took her downstairs and settled her down after another 30 minutes of soothing.  i'm not sure how he managed the patience.  i think i fell asleep the instant my head hit the pillow and woke up to my alarm groggy but so thankful for those peaceful 2.5 hours of rest.  do i have a wonderful husband or what?  cross your fingers for us tonight.

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The Edison's... plus two! said...

fingers crossed. i have tears in my eyes for you because we have been there. it will get better... and then you'll have another! good luck tonight!

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