Saturday, October 30, 2010


after chloe's playdate with these two cuties we came home to a pitch dark house.  kevin was at class for the evening and chloe and i were at home with a power outage.  good thing i always have a healthy stash of candles on hand.  i guess it worked out to my advantage too, chloe napped and so did i.  it was a couple hours of bliss.  when needed i changed diapers by candlelight, pretty funny experience. 

earlier that day we had so much fun at julie's house.  julie, yadira and i ate lunch, laughed  and cried together as we shared birth stories and talked about being new moms.  (we were all in the same hypnobabies birth class together.)  the babies took turns fussing, crying and sleeping.  it'll be so fun to see them all together when they can really play together.  but for now, aren't they all so adorable and tiny? 

chloe was born on the 21st of september, alyssa the 11th and dorian the 14th.  i think they'll grow up to be great friends.


Joolz said...

lol, my child is ginormous compared to yours!

The Locklins said...

she's beautiful julie.

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