Thursday, October 7, 2010

In Love.

so much to share and i'm unsure of where to begin...
since i have a few minutes before we tuck ourselves in for bed; i thought you'd enjoy a few images and videos from the last week.

kevin and i are home, resting, healing and settling in with little chloe.  and though we've never been this tired before, we also could not feel more in love with our little girl.  each day brings new memories as we enjoy learning how to be parents together.  i am so happy to have kevin home with me for two more weeks before he goes back to work.  in the meantime, i can sneak in a nap while the two of them play.

(click on the links below to see videos & pictures)

chloe elizabeth
videos of chloe . week one

1 comment:

The Edison's... plus two! said...

oh she is such a beauty! enjoy every moment with her. (you seem to already be doing that)hope all is well. can't wait to see updates!

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