Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fight On!

football season began a few weeks back and every weekend has become a viewing party at our place.  well at least for us three anyway.  well, kevin watches, chloe snuggles and i be sure we are stocked with all the proper football snacks.  i'm normally not a football enthusiast but when it comes to USC, i'm thrilled about a few hours spent lounging on the couch.  hopefully we'll be in the stands for at least one game this season.  my favorite thing about this season is that fall has begun and we can officially started decorating and preparing for the holidays!

the even more exciting news is that kevin has completed his chemotherapy, his pulmonary function test came back with healthy results and his blood counts came back with no tumor markers!  his hair is even quickly growing in.  even quicker growing is his mustache.  he thinks this is pretty awesome...i;m not so sure about that part.  either way, we are beyond thrilled.

kevin's dad, bill just began treatment for prostate cancer and will be finishing up in a few weeks.  it is 5 days a week for about 15 minutes but should be nearly free of side effects.  thankfully, he attends his annual exams and it was caught early so treatment will be less invasive.  we love you bill and hope this time is brief.  we are ready for you to coach softball (or ballet lessons) in a few years.  

my mom has been home from the physical therapy recovery center for several weeks now.  and despite a terrible case of shingles (yep, you heard me, if she hasn't dealt with enough) she is on the mend.  her movement is getting more fluid every day and she is making big strides in building back her strength.  so,  she is cancer-free!  those words that mean so much after quite a journey.  now the focus is on healing and weaning off the medications.  she may have another surgery to go but hopefully she can do that next year.  three major surgeries in one year is a bit much.  we know your superwoman mom but let's not push it.  we are so happy for you mom that you are on the downhill now.  it may not feel like it every day, but you are making astounding progress and we love you more than words can say.

so, our family is healing and healthy.  i can't think of anything to be more thankful for.  i could literally jump for joy (but i think the doctors would frown upon that a few weeks post surgery).  i'm thankful for all of you and Fight On!

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