Friday, July 16, 2010

a little bit of sunshine

we got the call that the nursery furniture we ordered has arrived.  so we begged a few friends (they kindly obliged) to help us collect it and carry it up our steep steps.  the dresser/changer is fully assembled whew, the crib needs assembly...nothing that can't be accomplished with over some delicious take-out and cold beverages, right?

so the decision on our hands is which paint color to pick.  our inspiration is the the seaside umbrellas of the french riviera.  you know, sunny and cheerful.  our dilemma,  whether to paint the stripes vertically (kevin's idea) or horizontally (mine).  anyone have have a suggestion?

Bicycle YelloworCanary Song
 i already think i'm digging the first of the two.

1 comment:

dewey1 said...

bicycle yellow / vertical

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