Tuesday, July 13, 2010

8 months and counting.

i have officially hit the 8 month marker!  we are now counting down the weeks until our little lady arrives.  i have loved being pregnant.  i have always wanted to be a mom...and now I am!  feeling her move and hearing her heartbeat is definitely a highlight for me.

but i have to admit to feeling more of the discomfort as my belly reaches peak size.  can it really get any bigger?  sleeping is getting rather rough and i am starting to feel the "i can't wait to not be pregnant" itch.  and may i say, "i can't wait to meet her" itch!

in the meantime we've been... sleeping a lot, taking uber long showers while i can, organizing the house somewhat successfully, assembling baby swings, strollers and washing all the layette.

kevin and i attended the breastfeeding seminar and birth details course at our awesome birthing center, south coast midwifery.  next sunday we begin the series of our first birthing class.  i'm so curious to know what our birth experience will be like; i think it's really exciting.

i just finished reading, ina may gaskin's guide to childbirth.  what a great book!

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