Saturday, July 24, 2010

amazing results.

thursday morning we met my family in san diego for my mom's surgery.  the day was filled with mixed emotions.  we felt positive about the removal of the tumor but also nervous for her as she would undergo a partially awake surgery.  she would be asked to perform certain small tasks during the procedure to help ensure only tumor and damaged brain tissue was removed.  the outcome of this particular type of surgery is highly successful but she was amazingly brave in proceeding in this venture.

surgery was scheduled for 6+ hours.  to our surprise the surgeon, dr. bob carter returned in 3 hours.  before we had a chance to panic, he assured us everything went well and that she was already in recovery.  we were so relieved to hear she was done and resting.  the surgeon said she did remarkably well (of course), nothing seems to keep her down.  they removed the tumor, sent it in several sections to pathology for further review.

we were surprised to see how alert she was following surgery and is already is showing improvement in the use of her right hand.  following surgery she couldn't move it at all, today she was able to lift her entire arm to her face.  this is to be expected as the brain can go into a shock-like hibernation when it is "messed with".  she is progressing in leaps and bounds!  soon she'll be transferred to rehabilitation center while she gains more strength as her body adjusts.

with 30+ staples holding her incision together, it is understandable to hear she has a headache.  and pretty humorous to hear her say.  i can only imagine this type of "ache".  she said it is a great relief to have the tumor removed; we agree.

we are so proud of you mom.  and thrilled by how vivacious you are following such a huge undertaking.  we foresee full recovery!  that is our new mantra.


countrygirl said...

So glad to hear everything went well.

OLIVIA said...

amazing is right, smiling in all the pictures and recovering already!
you go girl, be right as rain soon.
with love,Olivia

Yochanan said...

Dear Janelle,

What an important step!
We are so glad it went well.

Everyone is proud of your positivity and forward-looking spirit.

John & Olga

The Locklins said...

Thank you. We are so happy and relived that everything went smoothly. It's downhill from her.

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