Monday, July 19, 2010

chloe or imelda?

with the number of shoes this girl has collected so far, i'm starting to wonder if we chose the wrong name.  *imelda marcos would be proud.

* imelda was the wife of a former philippine president and is known to have aqcuired over 3,000 pairs of shoes in her lifetime.  my mom has always teased me that i'll have a collection like her one day.


The Edison's... plus two! said...

oh buying for girls si sooo much fun! emma had more shoes than i could count too, but apparently i couldn't stop (nor could either grandmas)! so sad that now our new little boy won't wear any of them except for the plain vans and converse... chloe will be the best dressed little one the world has ever seen!!

The Locklins said...

Thanks Jessi. Girl stuff is too cute and so fun to buy. I am looking forward to meeting her so much. The end of the pregnancy feels pretty slow moving(as am I). Congrats on your little man. When are you due?

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