Sunday, June 22, 2014

Ordinary Days.

So much to say, so little time for blogging.  With time I'll carve out a few more hours or maybe even a hour in the week to have to myself.  To work on things other than laundry and housework.  To create, to capture memories in the mostly blank baby books that sit on my desk and to pour over and organize the thousands of photos we have taken of our little girls.  Until then, I'm doing my best each day to savor the wild moments that make up our days.  The times when I feel like I can't catch my breath because caring for little ones demands a lot of attentiveness and action.  And I'm learning how to allow myself to say no to things that pull me from these dear tasks.

I know much love is shared in the moments no one talks about, the hair brushing, cup pouring, hand holding moments that children don't really remember.  But they do remember the care behind those moments.  The attitude in which I help, care for and answer to their needs.  If you catch me first thing in the morning, those responses are slow, snappy and tired...I'm learning to allow myself grace in those moments and simply the presence to recognize and the drive to simply start over.  Because not just each day is new, but each moment.

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