Sunday, June 22, 2014


We found the sweetest preschool I could imagine for our little lady.  The teachers are inspired, friendly, motivated and incredibly creative.  Did I mention, patient?  Over the last five months I have seen our girls confidence soar.  She is so excited for this sense of autonomy and the friendships she is growing each day.

I was so pleased when I picked her up last week and the founder of the school stopped me to share our welcoming Chloe was to a new girl who was visiting the school on a tour that day/  She introduced herself and quickly asked her to come play along with the other kids. It's these small gestures that give parents confidence that their children are thriving.

And really if there is anything we all can learn it is the inclusiveness that young children exhibit toward one another.  Don't we all want to hear, "hello, would you like to be my friend?".


helen said...

you are a beautiful soul!!! so happy to be reading your sweet and encouraging blog :) :) :)

The Locklins said...

Oh, thank you, Helen. Encouragement is always a gift to others. I'm glad you're finding that here. Thanks for reading. :)

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