Thursday, April 24, 2014

At home.

I wish I was getting better at this.  At making time for myself.  At choosing to skip laundry and sit down and actually write and document little family moments that we are sharing.  So, I'm just gonna skip the guilt and write when I can.  Because the laundry is done, both babies are asleep and I'm gonna take a quick breather and a glass of wine and write...even for a minute.

I recently read this quote and can't stop pondering it's loveliness.

One day
I heard god's voice.
It sounded like
the kindest,
most generously loving
of myself. 
-Annie Flavin

Life here at home is so good.  Each day filled with new milestones lately, Remy began sitting last month and with each new day she is crawling more and trying to pull up to standing on nearly everything in sight.  I have a feeling walking is right around the corner.  I'm so not ready.  So I ordered a baby gate for the stairs and rearranged a little furniture just until she gets a little more coordinated.  In the meantime the spills are keeping me on my toes.  Oh how to give them freedom and protection at the same time...every mama's challenge.

Chloe is enjoying Preschool and is learning so many new things.  Our first parent/teacher conference is tomorrow and as cheesy as it sounds, I'm so excited.  I'm so curious to hear how our little one is in class time away from her parents and baby sister.  It's a set into a whole new world for me as a mama.  Her little school has been such a blessing to our family and a great place for our vibrant little to be herself and grow.  She loves the independence.

Kevin is busy at work, learning the trade and all that is involved in the family business.  He is excited about the new venture and making connections with clients.  It's a refreshing new start.  He is a great daddy and thoughtful husband.  I'm so happy we have each other.

I'm still trying to get my feet on the ground after welcoming our littlest into the world.  We've had so many big changes this year and I'm trying to learn to take it more slowly.  We keep very little plans during the week so we can just keep everyone fed and rested.  We aren't sleeping much throughout the night, so I'm functioning on low these days.  It's so worth it, but WOW I forgot how tired one can be.  I day dream about naptime for most of the morning.  Ha!  Thank heavens for darling baby faces and sweet snuggles, they are the best reminders of what is really important.

It's the simple life around here lately.  But, I kind of love it.  Let's just say busy is overrated.


Claudia said...

I love it! Your girls are precious!!

Gina said...

I loved this post, Lisa. Your last words hit home - busy IS overrated! A reminder to stop and smell the roses. xo.

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