Monday, March 10, 2014

Days at home.

The days are priceless and I'm fond of a simple routine and mostly quiet days at home.  What do we do all day?  We wake (with the sun), we rock, we nurse, we sip coffee (usually cold), we craft,  we paint, we diaper, we make mud pies, we read, we nurse, we diaper, we bathe, we hush, we soothe, we cook, we (sometimes) get dressed, we nap, we walk, we call daddy at work, we rock, we play at the park, we nurse again, we diaper, we launder a whole lot, occasionally we playdate, 
but more often than not, the day stretches out so quickly that the sun is falling down behind the granite hills and we slip into dinner, bath and bedtime and we hope to sleep, oh dear sweet, precious sleep. These days we are lucky if one or both girls sleeps for a few consecutive hours.  Growth spurts? Whether or not, this is what we do...and each of these simple days I cherish.

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