Thursday, March 6, 2014

It was October.

It's been months since I've even turned on the computer.  These days I answer email from my phone with a baby in one arm.  I've debated even continuing my blog.  After all I have 9 readers, and little time or inspiration.  But I know it is a great place to record family memories and save them for our girls.  I'm gonna try to make more time to record and recount memories before they pick up too quickly for me to catch-up.  Excuse the back track (if there is anyone out there still following along.)

So, back 6 months ago, it was October.  We were exhausted, but we pumpkin patched, dressed-up and experienced our first trick or treating.  We visited about 10 houses on our cul-du-sac; Chloe loved it all.  But mostly, dressing up as a kitty.  And Remy worn Chloe's first Halloween costume too.  Seeing them start these sister memories is so special.

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