Sunday, September 9, 2012


With all honesty, I wanted my 31st birthday to slip by unrecognized.  Not because I'm getting a year older.  With each year, I find myself settling deeper into my skin.  I'm totally embracing my thirties.  It was just that nagging anticipation of another first passing by without my sweet mama.  The days leading up to my birthday, weren't my best.  The day of, I felt surprisingly light.  And I had a lot off love showered on me.  Even a sweet stack of unexpected snail mail; such a delight. 

Kevin took the day off work, then he, Chloe and my brother took me out for a delicious dinner.  How lucky am I?  Cheers to my 31st year!  Thank you sweet Mama (& Pops) for bringing me into the world.  It is a lovely place to be.

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