Thursday, June 30, 2011

A special Father.

When it comes to fatherhood, he holds onto each moment like a treasure.  He hold this little lady close, rocks her to sleep, makes the silliest, clever songs and rhymes to sing for every activity under the sun.  His little sweet petite is already so in awe of her special Dad.  I can't wait to watch their bond grow as the months and years go by.

This Father's Day we celebrated our fathers who have been loving examples in our lives and Chloe celebrated one very special Father, her very own.   We love you, Kevin.

P.S. My current Kevin cover song is "Rice, Rice, Baby".  Sung to the tune of Vanilla Ice's huge 80's hit "Ice, Ice Baby" while breakfast is served.   

Now how can you not start your day with a smile with that tune? 

Here's a glimpse of Father's Day morning at our place and then off to a great barbeque at Uncle Bob and Aunt Gael's house.

I love this major bed head shot.
Peas in a pod.

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