Sunday, June 5, 2011


Graduation is a mere 7 days away.  I can almost taste the finish line.  The next two nights will officially be the last two that Kevin has class until 10pm.  Let's just say, everyone in the house is thrilled about that.  Kevin gets more time at home, I get more of his help and Chloe gets one much more rested mama.  The best part of all we get to enjoy his company 7 nights a week again.  The stress level is about peak around here.  We are all super tired, lots of studying and prep for finals is in process, laundry pile is near mountainous and currently everyone but me is asleep right now at 7:20pm.  (Chloe down for the night {i hope} in her crib and Kevin on the couch catching some z's after a very long study session.)

Did I mention I'm unbelievably proud of our graduate?  I am.

Baby crying...
I spoke too soon.

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