Sunday, November 3, 2013

Welcome, Remy Mae.

On Monday, August 12 at 4:04am our littlest daughter was born.  With a squeal she was placed on my chest and took her first breaths while I held her in my arms.  It was just as I had dreamed it would happen.  Weighing 7lb. 6oz. and stretching out at 19 1/12 inches, her tiny body was pink, healthy and strong.

After a couple days of prodromal labor and 22 hours of "real" labor, her arrival, as I announced was "sweet relief" and so much more, that I don't even have words for.  She was born with a full head of dark hair, just as I did had when I was born.

We named her Remy Mae.  Remy- French (like Chloe) and Mae, with the relation to spring and all things growing.  And now, we have two little french flowers.  TWO as in-we. have. kids.  Every time I say, "the girls", it blows my mind.

Three months (gulp) have now passed.  I better get back to blogging so we can document such sweet time.  We've been savoring it and surviving it, day-by-day, often hour-by-hour. Postpartum recovery, around the clock nursing and a very active toddler.  Oh boy, sometimes I (we) really feel in over our heads.  But really, no one prepares you for the amount of love you feel for your babies.  It's extraordinary.  I can't keep myself from snuggling her, closing my eyes tight and wishing I could make time stand still.

So with a long overdue post, welcome to the beautiful world my dear Remy.  You've already have captured our hearts.

(For those who were following my birthing journey, yes, I was able to VBAC.  With the help of supportive doctors, the encouragement of my sweet doula and the dearest husband who coached me through labor.  I was so encouraged and best of all, I got to hold her within seconds of being born.  The best reward ever.)

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