Sunday, November 3, 2013

Coming home.

After one night hospital stay we drove home and snuck in the front door and I could hear the last words of my dad reading Chloe a bedtime story.  I walked upstairs and peeked my head in to see Chloe sleeping soundly.  I'm pretty certain our heads hit the pillow within minutes of arriving home.  A few hours later Remy woke in a loud cry and I heard Chloe's feet hit the floor running.  Upon entering our room she squealed, "Mommy, there is a baby in here!"  Kevin and I couldn't stop giggling about her reaction.  I think we were pretty delirious too.  We spent the next 3 hours huddled together. Chloe checking out her tiny fingers, her teeny toes and talking a mile a minute about her baby sister.

In the days that followed she would proudly announce to each visitor who came, "Here is our baby!".  And inside my heart swelled to ridiculous proportions.

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