Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter 2013.

We made a quick trip to Temecula, CA to spend the weekend with our families for Easter.  Like usual we kept busy and saw as many people as the time would allow.  I'm looking forward to having lots of time to spend with family in the months to come.  It's tricky to see everyone and inevitably it means our sleep routine gets really all out of whack.  It's so worth it though.

The weekend was filled with Easter eggs, sugar-overloads and feasting with loved ones.  Chloe was so excited about the egg hunts (yes we had two).  It was so fun to see her really enjoy the holiday and I look forward to seeing her zealous grow as she is more aware of all the magic and fun that holidays hold.  I'm a huge lover of tradition and family time.  So I can't wait to be settled into our home and create our own traditions as our family grows.

Chloe was completely spoiled with love and affection and lots of special treats.  Here are a few highlights from the weekend.

Chloe called this her "Princess Easter Dress".

And that was all before 11am.  Then we took a brief nap before party numero dos at Kevin's parents house.
Chloe and cousin Teal hunting for eggs.

She's declared that her favorite color is pink.  Can you tell?

While the little ones hunted for eggs the rest of the family enjoyed the gorgeous spring weather.  Can we say high 70's with a beautiful breeze.  I love California weather.  I wish I got more photos of the decor.  My mother-in-law did a beautiful job with the decorations and food, every room was springy and festive.  What a great day with family!

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Jessica Edison said...

Happy "late" Easter. Holidays with kids really are magical.

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