Saturday, March 9, 2013

H is for Health. And Hooray!

Hello faithful 9 followers!

I haven't forgotten about you.  Thank you for standing by while I iron out this new season.  After 10 weeks of (all day) morning sickness followed up by a cold and allergy attack for another 12 days, I've been just barely getting by.  Now that the yucks have mostly retreated, I'm vowing to not take for grated my health.  Something I am so, beyond words, thankful to have restored.

My little family is probably even more happy to have me back.  Let's just say, I was a grump.  And then got cranky about not feeling well and then was so disappointed that I wasn't able to be the same cheerful mama and wife I'd like to be.  It was a vicious cycle that I'm happy to leave behind.  I am so thankful to my husband for the constant support, extra rest time and reminders that I will feel better.  I was starting to think I would be in a constant state of yuck.

I was so caught off guard with the morning sickness.  With Chloe I felt fantastic from day one, tired in the beginning but fantastic.  The start to this pregnancy was a humbling experience.  Which makes me wonder, could baby #2 be a boy?  We will see.

Let's say I'm finding silver linings everywhere, now that I've mended.  I forgot I was a optimistic person even.  Hooray for health!

And today I celebrated with an extra pick me up, a hair cut.  Nothing makes me feel more like a new woman than a fresh cut & color.  Not to mention, the time to just sit and have someone take care of you.  It feels like a mini vacation, really.

Also, exciting news...we find out this sweet baby's gender very soon.  I can't wait to know more about who this little, growing babe is.  I'm feeling more movement all the time.  Which is so exciting.  Any gender guesses?


Unknown said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better! Of course, my vote is for a boy, but that's because they're so much fun and energy! (Can you tell I'm a bit biased?) :) I can't wait to find out what you're having too! Please let us know!

Unknown said...

Oh! And your hair looks fab! I totally agree with the time in the chair, priceless!

NicholsSouth said...

I'm so glad you are passed the morning sickness! It's miserable when others are depending on you and you are so sick...hooray for feeling better all around! I cannot wait to find out what you are having...I'm guessing boy! :) But I'm a little biased as well...teehee!

Nicole said...

You look beautiful, Lisa! So glad you're feeling fab again! Morning sickness sounds terrible. Can't wait to hear if it's a mister or miss!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you are feeling better and like your self again!! My experience with "morning" sickness was awful, and even in my third trimester I have continuous nausea. Your statement about forgetting you are an optimistic person really resonated with me. It is so great to feel good! I can't wait to find out if you're having a boy or a girl!

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